Rick Preston

CEO and Stage Manager

Rick Preston has devoted thirty years to innovation in corporate events and exhibitions.  He began his career in traditional theater, as a director and stage manager for touring theatrical and dance productions.  Later, as technical director of Media Arts Workshop, he managed large-scale multi-media and special effects productions, including development of a unique LCD-based imaging system.  IBM’s Recognition Events Group used these systems and devices regularly.

In 1983, Rick founded Preston Productions with the goal of providing world-class service for corporate meeting producers and communicators.  His emphasis on quality delivery soon led to long-term relationships with Fortune 100 corporations such as EMC, Digital Equipment Corporation, Unisys and IBM.  Preston Productions became known for devising state-of-the-art systems and processes, tailoring cutting-edge technologies to specific customer requirements.

Rick maintains direct involvement with projects, often as consultant and speech director for senior executive presenters.  He has worked with presidents and CEOs of major corporations, including Unisys, Verisign, Bose, Sherwin Williams and Tyco to ensure effective live delivery of their messages.  He continues to press for innovation, creativity, and ethics in all aspects of leadership communications.