Entries by Hannah Fullam

The Once and Future Jobs

So much has been written about Steve Jobs’ passing, it almost seems futile to try.  But the outpouring of respect and grief from “the rest of us” that consumed the social networks says something important about what we need from our leaders, and what we want from our technologies. Jobs had an amazing belief that, […]

Now is the time to recognize your heroes

Events in Japan continue to grip the world in shock and suspense.  Much more will be written about management and decision-making in response to this crisis, but recently attention was focused on the courageous perseverance and dedication of Tokyo Electric Power’s nuclear plant technicians. We all must feel grateful for them – but why does […]

Why the King matters…

As you might imagine, my vote for best picture this year is The Kings Speech.   If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do…today!  Not simply because of its numerous Oscar nominations, but because you will rarely see the significance of trust so well expressed. In this elegant film, the coach Lionel Logue sees courage […]

Elementary Performance

Last week the media buzzed with reactions to a supercomputer’s victory:  IBM’s Watson trounced human opponents solving puzzles on Jeopardy, with only occasional pauses or mistakes.  This provoked all kinds of speculation about the future of human/computer interaction. One fact overlooked in the discussion was this:  Watson had no consciousness of the audience.  No way […]

An Ear to the Groundswell

Keeping up with the breaking news from Egypt in recent days was a challenge for anyone, including experienced news analysts.  But the most clueless comments of all came from then-President Hosni Mubarak.  Clearly, he just wasn’t listening to “his” people. Sadly, many leading business executives seem to have similar challenges.  They may be good at […]

Making the Stage your World

If it is true, as so often said, that people fear public speaking more than death itself, we might expect to see an unusual suicide rate among corporate executives.  But that isn’t the case.  So, why not? I think companies like ours can take some credit.  We work hard to ensure that presenters on stage […]

Being There

While communication technology changes with the times, the times cannot alter the fact that nothing replaces actually “being there.” What has changed is the art of being there. We have been hearing for years about how Hollywood has been gearing up for 3D out of necessity to keep the movie-going experience relevant. The success of […]

Living the Experience

The Vancouver Olympics ended on a glorious note last night.  As in the opening ceremonies, the audience, covered in their white ponchos, became part of the canvas.  And for those of us in the “business,” who knew someone was wrong when the fourth leg of the cauldron never materialized on opening night, the “do-over” was […]