Creative Media Development

There is a lot more to your event than just the staging and the content development 파워 포인트 2010 한글판. Preston Productions is also ready to create effective and rich Creative Media to support your message and help communicate your ideas.

We are constantly exploring new ways to increase the impact of your presentation 워크 m16서버. Some of the ways we can enhance your meeting or communications include:


A picture is worth a thousand words so why not put all those words in support of your presentation New Vegas? We will plan, script, shoot, edit, finish and deliver video in the format that is most suitable for reaching your audience. With all the years of experience in creating successful videos, we are always learning more and working to stay on the cutting edge of video production 우리 사랑하는 동안. Video can be a very important component of your event.

Some ideas for video include:

  • Widescreen videos
  • Speaker support videos
  • Testimonial (talking head) videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Dramatic Videos

Video can be a useful medium off-stage as well:

  • Online delivery
  • Webcast video
  • Social Media Videos

Presentation Support

Preston Productions is expert at developing supporting media that will create the greatest impact for your on-stage performance Spring large excel. Visually stimulating and informative without being distracting, we will make sure the media helps the message … and you as well.

  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentation production
  • Design and artwork to integrate presentations across an event

New Presentation Technologies

Preston Productions is always looking for new ways to make an impression on an audience Download a Netflix laptop.

  • Augmented Reality displays
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Audience Polling
  • Mobile App integration
  • Social Media Outreach

Theme Development and Design

Your event is more than a simple series of presentations 아이폰 앱 무료. In order to make your event an experience, we can develop a creative theme that, through graphics, set design and creative media, will tie together all of the information your audience is receiving Download tomorrow to do. If your communications are received, absorbed, and acted upon, you have succeeded. Preston Productions is here to ensure that success.

Marian Robinson

“Just wanted to say how grateful I am for making our broadcast so easy Lineage 3.21 Client! I have had nothing but positive feedback for the Preston team and I really think it set the tone for transparent communication with our associates throughout the day 포토샵 수채화 액션. I look forward to working with you guys in the future.”

Marian RobinsonVP Marketing at Baxa Corporation, now Baxter Healthcare Corporation