Do we have your attention?

Good, because Preston Productions is all about getting the attention of your audience. Frankly, audiences are pretty distracted these days. Multitasking, playing with their phones, checking email — audiences can be difficult to engage. But an undistracted audience is receptive to your messages and your communication objectives.

So how do we get audiences engaged?

Like a method actor, we have a proven methodology to ensure success. Our process begins by investigating your challenges. We review your strategic goals, content, resources and team. We examine your current messaging, past events and digital content.

Once we fully understand your challenges, we will organize a Preston team designed to meet your needs. We will work with you and your internal team to develop a communication program that has defined, measurable objectives and that maximizes the impact of your team.

Throughout any client engagement, we keep this equation in mind: Content + Delivery = Outcome. A balance is essential to succeed: clever, entertaining delivery without meaningful content achieves little; great content with stumbling, awkward delivery misses the mark. Our theatrical skills and communications expertise plus experiences working with Fortune 500 clients, are what makes the difference. Disciplines like storytelling, dialog, visual design, movement, and sound inform every project we take on.

Visit our services pages, look at our case studies and check out our team bios. If you like what your read, give us a call and we can discuss your communications needs further.

Afterwards, ask yourself, “Do I want ‘TO BE’ with Preston Productions?”

We are pretty sure we know the answer.

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