Preston brings a wealth of experience and technique to foster productive, long-lasting conversations. Understanding audience receptivity is an essential and early step in our process.

What does this audience care about most? Who do they want to hear from? What issues are currently top of mind? Initial outreach to a potential audience can provide insight, while also building anticipation for your message.

We focus on techniques that promote participation and get an audience literally, actively involved – in physical ways on stage, and in measurable ways online.  This goes beyond counting heads and clicks; it produces genuine feedback and dialog that clients can use to shape their strategy execution.

Preston excels at helping companies communicate during major milestones, such as transitional changes in executive leadership, organizational restructuring or major product launches. This is when critical conversations are taking place, and too often there is a vacuum of communication. It is when the foundations of success or failure are laid. As advocates for the audience, Preston personnel help frame your story in ways that resonate and inspire.

Here are the key components of our Corporate Communications Solution:

Communications Strategy and Planning

Your organization’s voice is more than what is distributed in press releases, newsletters or the occasional interview. It’s the sum of hundreds and thousands of conversations among employees, customers, investor and executives. As with a great orchestra, coordinating many parts and players can help deliver a powerful message.

Leadership Coaching

Senior corporate executives are often called upon to deliver live presentations when the stakes are highest. Personal interactions between leaders and their audiences help strengthen authentic voices and create inspiring corporate stories. Executive performance, on stage or before a camera, sets the tone and can promote productive engagement that delivers positive business results.

Public Speaking Training

Even the most experienced and poised presenters can benefit from professional coaching, preparation and rehearsal. Preston brings thoughtful techniques to help courageous, decisive individuals and raise performances to a whole new level.

“Preston’s unique heritage in the theater arts (“Trained in theater . . .) enables you to successfully unlock and engage executives as performers; design programs as plays (Acts, themes, stories); develop content as parts; produce staging as sets; and deliver the overall show as a fully-integrated theatrical production. I doubt that few of your competitors have this perspective, or ability.”

-Ken Julian, Senior Director Corporate Communications at Harsco Corporation