Now is the time to recognize your heroes

Events in Japan continue to grip the world in shock and suspense.  Much more will be written about management and decision-making in response to this crisis, but recently attention was focused on the courageous perseverance and dedication of Tokyo Electric Power’s nuclear plant technicians 맨 오브 오너 다운로드. We all must feel grateful for them – but why does it take an extreme event to remind us?  These are the same people who worked steadily to maintain safety every day, before a tsunami overwhelmed their facility 삼성 전자 ci.

Corporate events often feature a speaker with a remarkable story to tell in an effort to motivate employees.   Or they produce a video extolling some extraordinary accomplishment.  These stories capture our attention, and may inspire us to strive a bit harder, but they also imply that outsized achievements are the only thing worth applauding.  We’re happy to tell stories about those who respond to a crisis – but what about those who make sure that the crisis never happens in the first place 웹 클리퍼?

The reality is that we are much more dependent upon the steady, unsung efforts of the daily grind.  As one Harvard Business Review article put it: “It’s hard to argue with the accepted wisdom—backed by empirical evidence—that a motivated workforce means better corporate performance.”  And knowing that one’s daily contributions are noted and valued is surely motivating.   Companies that really lead their industries acknowledge employees on a regular basis.  They pay attention over the long haul, and look for opportunities to applaud those who keep the office humming, the plant safe, the shipments inspected and the environment protected 한양해서체.

In its statement on the situation in Fukushima, the I.B.E.W  points out that there are 15,000 workers at 42 nuclear plants in the U.S. today.  Let’s hope their employers don’t hesitate to let them know how much their efforts are appreciated 스타일픽스.

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