WAIT! Don’t pack that!

Sorting, packing, moving, stacking.   That’s enough to start the year, right?  Not for Preston Productions! In the midst of our exciting move to our new space, we have been fortunate enough to work on some really exciting shows for a couple of innovative clients 레고 마인드스톰 ev3 다운로드.

In January, our team traveled to Las Vegas, NV to work on Rocket Software’s 2014 World Wide SaRocket SKO Screenles Kick Off event.  This kickoff brought together a sales team from all over the globe to connect on a person-to-person level, while focusing their efforts on the year ahead of them viki 자막 다운로드.

Using a screen that was 10 feet high and 30 feet wide, we were able to re-create the whiteboard that Rocket’s CEO uses to plot the direction of his company, and bring his team through his thought process on where they stand currently and where they are heading as a unit 에어시티.

That wide screen then found its way to Reston, VA to help illustrate Harsco Corporation’s rich history and heritage and to be a backdrop during an exciting transition for the company.  Bringing together three very distinct business units can be challenging, but with a mini-trade show, demonstrations and executive team reports, there was a real sense of cohesiveness amongst the group Autocad 2017 Korean edition.

Harsco GLM ScreenWhile our clients play in very different industry arenas and face their own unique communication challenges, the Preston team brings tried and true methods to each, using a combination of media, environment and performance to help leaders communicate effectively and build a following within their company notepad++ 한글 다운로드.

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