Courion: Big Picture, Big Ideas

Communications Challenge

In the fast-moving world of IT and network security, customer events are a key to building strong customer relationships. It’s an opportunity to step back and take a look at “the big picture,” to inform, involve and engage a community.

Courion Corporation hosts CONVERGE, an annual gathering of security experts and systems analysts where “networking” has multiple meanings. CONVERGE 2010 marked the event’s tenth anniversary. What better way to celebrate and present the big picture, than by revealing a huge 60-foot wide screen?

Senior executives worked with Preston’s team to develop the conference agenda and shape their general session presentations. Attendees came for opportunities to try out new applications and to learn from each other – and also to learn about the direction the industry is taking. In 2012, the direction was clear: corporate data and applications are moving to “The Cloud.” Security needs to move there as well, and Courion is prepared to lead the way. But first, executives needed to tell a story that would move their audience to action.

Preston provided targeted performance techniques to bring this story to life. We created a setting and character – interactive elements that presenters used to underscore critical points and focus audience attention on key messages. A “show flow” for the general session guided the use of these elements, so that each executive had a performance mission, and means to hand the story over to a colleague for further development.

The Engagement Outcome

The big picture was vividly illustrated on a 60-foot wide backdrop, with projections that broke past the boundaries of standard PowerPoint slides. Speakers could literally expand upon a point, using full widescreen illustrations. And to build awareness of the opportunities and risks inherent in cloud computing, an animated Cloud was introduced. As a foil for speakers, this abstract, but opinionated character injected some humor into the proceedings. Its presence also underscored a key message: the Cloud is everywhere, and Courion understands how to work with it, to help customers succeed.