Unisys Corporation: Preston Fosters Change at Unisys

The Communications Challenge

An established, venerable firm must adapt to new trends or fail. Unisys leadership needed to invigorate their IT consulting division and set a direction for the company as a whole. Working with Preston, the executive communications team consistently got the message out through videos, recognition, meetings and customer events.

Key Programs and Solutions

  • Eagle Awards: Top 1% are rewarded for their performance. Took advantage of exotic Moroccan meeting venue to introduce a new executive in a playful, challenging context. Threaded adventure them throughout the agenda, coordinated with high-level guest speaker and entertainers.
  • Strategy Video: Shot on location in Newport, RI aboard an America’s Cup contender, the “Navigate to Win” program utilized internal corporate broadcast capabilities to focus attention on division goals. Developed a “Setting Our Course” theme to prepare employees for structural change.
  • Global Partners Meetings: Restructured division meetings for the first time in 2002. Half the group are new hires. Videos and displays promote discussion around key issues of leadership and team development. Business alliances fostered by social events and networking opportunities. Graphic style guide enables consistent implementation of conference themes by all suppliers.
  • Customer Tour: Executive presentations featuring a stereo video describing Unisys 3dVE solutions tour Europe and Latin America. A holographic display builds awareness at sponsored events.

The Engagement Outcome

Unisys Corporation successfully transformed from hardware to a services-led firm. Executive leadership continues to expect excellence from all.