VeriSign: Brand, Strategy & Sales Integration

The Communications Challenge

When founder Jim Bidzos launched VeriSign in 1995, the Internet security business barely existed. But the explosion of online business activity led to numerous opportunities and the firm expanded rapidly. Growth brought success, but also complexity. Disparate product lines and numerous acquisitions had led to a highly fragments workforce. It would be necessary to bring all the sales team together to begin the integration process.

Key Programs and Solutions

In 2005, Preston was engaged to produce a company-wide meeting to for VeriSign. Preston was able to produce a successful meeting for Verisign which led to a multi-year engagement. Preston became a valued resource working with the VeriSign executive team to develop and broadcast the company’s core mission. Preston understood the intangible nature of their offerings: the VeriSign mark represents secure infrastructure and web authentication enabling trustworthy transactions. The concept of trust is central to all they do. Preston knew that effective meetings would support the brand and help align employee activity with critical corporate strategies, and VeriSign came to trust us with their technical and analyst events, as well as sales conferences.

Planning for the annual Sales Excellence Conferences begins with theme development. Preston considers themes a platform on which to build an integrated agenda and deliver a compelling experience for the audience. We begin by identifying the issues and concerns affecting attendees and the key understandings we need them to take away from the meeting.

As Paul Scott, VeriSign Senior Vice President of Sales, notes: “Employees should leave the meeting feeling good about their jobs, knowing what is expected of them, and understanding how the company can excel.”

The theme for 2010, “Trust Matters” grew from the recognition that VeriSign creates value for its customers as Internet users trust its signature check mark. In consultation with VeriSign executives and even staff, the Preston creative team:

  • Developed an agenda flow that reinforced critical messages.
  • Ensured that various presentations and meeting videos incorporated the theme.
  • Designed graphics and a scenic environment reflecting the essence of the VeriSign brand.

In addition, Preston coordinated all technical support on site. The result was not only an experience with a seamless “look-and-feel,” but a rallying cry to integrate sales and marketing efforts throughout the year.

The Engagement Outcome

“Trust Matters” could also describe the relationship Preston has developed with the VeriSign team.

“Preston is a real working partner. They anticipate our needs and deliver an excellent job every time.”

-Paul Scott, Senior Vice President Sales at Verisign