Tyco: Building a Global Community

The Communications Opportunity

The signing ceremony that launched a new Tyco Gulf division in the United Arab Emirates offered an opportunity to do more than simply celebrate the closing of a business acquisition. It was a chance to lay the foundation for successful integration of a young company based in the United Arab Emirates, into a multi-billion dollar global organization, and to strengthen its corporate culture.

Key Programs and Solutions

Preston enabled thousands of employees around the globe participate in this celebratory event, through real-time webcasting and online video. Senior executives of Tyco Flow Control, speaking from the newly acquired facility in Sharjah, UAE, were able to reach a worldwide audience with a strong message about growth, diversity and global collaboration.

Two video elements with a common visual style formed “bookends” for the webcast. The opening video presented people of Tyco welcoming their new colleagues in various languages from multiple locations; the closing incorporated responses from new employees saying how pleased they were to be joining the company. Formal presentations from senior executives and an address from the ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi were also carried live over the webcast.

To highlight the event, Preston staged a special lamp-lighting ceremony: Based on ancient tradition, this symbolized the light of knowledge banishing ignorance, and creating trust. Five leaders joined lit tapers to create a single flame, and as they did so, an upstage screen parted to reveal a dark night sky over a desert horizon. Stars twinkled, suggesting constellations, and a large circular screen appeared with a spinning earth projected upon it. Tyco’s global locations were highlighted, and a brilliant new outline appeared around the Middle East region. With a swelling musical fanfare, the new Tyco Gulf logo was formed.

The Engagement Outcome

This dramatic moment served to underscore the courage, commitment and dedication of Tyco leaders to the company’s success – and also spoke to the values its employees hold in common. Preston created a memorable image of individuals from cultures around the world embracing shared aspirations, and helped this growing organization gather to celebrate together.