IBM Corporation: Preston Establishes IBM’s Industry Leadership

The Communications Challenge

Before most of the world had ever heard the term “e-business” IBM Software Group was gearing up to take the lead. Preston was with them to set the stage, working closely with IBM’s internal marketing executives and outside branding agencies to communicate with employees and customers.

Key Programs and Solutions

  • Software Sales Rally: The adventure got underway when 4,500 U.S. and Latin American employees were brought together to learn that “We’re Off to Do e-Business.” Five IBM players supported by Broadway talent delivered the message with energy and enthusiasm.
  • FastTrack Solutions Symposium: A branded customer even attracted 800 key IT executives. Influential personalities such as Lou Dobbs and Mayor Rudolf Giuliani joined IBM thought leaders on stage to explore the challenges facing executives running on “internet time.”
  • IBM InsideTrack: To reach customers constrained by stricter travel budgets, Preston proposed a one-day, regionalized event, with content customized for key industries. This streamlined approach helped IBM Software maintain ‘mindshare’ through a market downturn.

The Engagement Outcome

Now the acknowledged brand leader in e-business software, IBM Software gained a reputation for its Internet solutions early on, and maintained its credibility throughout the dot-com crash. Preston’s contributions range from the development of unique themes and treatments, to invitations, talent production, executive coaching, on-site environments and audiovisual staging, as well as creative lighting for long-standing events such as Lotusphere.